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keramoizolMinimizing or reducing the heat loss liquid insulating paint is a significant difference in understanding the mechanism of thermal insulation of buildings.Isolation of a new generation with the use of nanotechnology, “Keramoizol” and its enorgosberegayuschie properties attributed to the fact that this painting is an optical



system that is capable of reflecting heat, as “Keramoizol” in its physical structure contains a large number of hollow bodies (spherical).

At the same time energy saving paint has the lowest emissivity than the materials that currently exist on the market of building energy-saving materials.

Energy-saving liquid paint has a film whose role is to reflect the heat, that is to return the flow of heat that comes out of the room, and the finished surface energy saving paint can emit much less heat.

Thanks to these abilities, as the hydrophobicity and water vapor resistance of low energy-paint surface, which caused “Keramoizol”, under a thin film and dries in a very short time, providing the highest heat resistance. Thus there is a process that does not use energy from solar heat, which would evaporate moisture from the surface layer is heated and the structure itself.

As the results of the monitoring for the presence of moisture in structures that are coated with energy-saving paints: the amount of moisture on the walls of the building reaches the so-called equilibrium state, ie, by reducing the moisture content, thermal resistance of the walls increased by 10%.

Energy-saving efficiency of energy-saving paints “Keramoizol” directly depends on the initial thermal resistance of the walls of its own, season (season), a specific place, where the design, construction and density of the number of clear days.Value can reach 45%. You can learn more about the properties of KERAMOIZOLA click on this link.

“KERAMOIZOL” – an excellent protection from the sun

Studies have shown that throughout the period of use of energy-saving layer “Keramoizol” surface can reflect more than 90% of solar energy.

Contact the heat in the room can be reduced by several times when using “Keramoizol“. This, in turn, increases the level of comfort for people who are in this area and, consequently, significantly reduce the expenditure side in the conditioning of the building.

Using energy-efficient paint on surfaces such as a pipeline of petroleum and chemicals (volatile), terminals, tanks and other surfaces, it is possible to significantly reduce the temperature of the contents, as well as the degree of evaporation.

KERAMOIZOL. What does he look like?

Energy Saving Paint “KERAMOIZOL” – a completely new kind of thermal insulation using nanotechnology, which was developed by the inventors of Ukraine. Insulation material is very easy thermal insulation of residential, industrial, social and cost of buildings and structures, as well as metallic elements and structures, well protected from condensation, freezing or excessive heat, heat pipes for various purposes, from the condensate – the metal surfaces, slopes, suitable as a sealant for houses of wooden frame. To achieve the desired effect Keramoizol enough to put a thickness of 1 to 2 mm. With pictures and videos on keramoizolu you can read by clicking the appropriate links.

The structure consists of hollow ceramic Keramoizol beads and fillers which allow coverage to be solid, fireproof, as well as the most evenly distributed on the surface. Such a composition gives the properties of the reflective insulation Keramoizolu, ie material works as a two-way mirror.
Where did this idea?
This technology was developed for the U.S. space launch, “shuttle” a few decades ago. As for space development classic bulky materials proved to be unsuitable, the scientists were forced to seek new technologies that, when a small thickness can be had to provide significant protection against heat, sound waves and radiation. This idea was the basis.

But KERAMOIZOL – it’s completely Ukrainian product, which is protected by a patent for an invention, all materials and components, and production is Ukrainian. For information about certificates, you can view by clicking this link.

Energy Saving Paint “Keramoizol” is an environmentally friendly product, it passed all the tests. It can be thinned (diluted) with water, which will work with keramoizolom in the treated area without additional ventilation. You can also use Keramoizol with lacquer base (it is expedient to use in winter with temperatures lower than +5 ° C).

Energy-saving paint used in the process of applying the same way as a conventional paint, usually in two or three layers with a brush or roller, krasopulta, spray on all surfaces (the exception is polyethylene).

Energy-efficient coating of paint should be thick, which is not less than 0.5 mm.Flow rate keramoizola in the coating layer is 1 liter per 2 square meters.

Drying and polymerization continues after 24 hours, after which it will be possible to apply finishing materials (putty, paint, handle other finishing materials). After drying the material energy-saving work without losing their physical properties in the temperature range, which ranges from -50 ° C to + 220 ° C, but there is a special high-temperature structure, able to maintain their properties to a temperature of +700 ° C. A more detailed mechanism of action, you can see on this page.

Thermal insulation coating “KERAMOIZOL” refers to trudnovosplamenyamoy group B1, flame nonpropagating RP1 group, a group of low combustibility of smoke-forming ability of G1 group A2 (moderate).

Keramoizol” transported container, which is tightly packed, with the consistency of the material in containers ready for use. In the case of condensation, the suspension should be diluted with water (water), or acetone or lacquer atsetatvmistimymi solvents (less than 15% of original volume) solution.

In addition to high thermal insulation characteristics of a new film coating has excellent properties zvukozaschitnymi. A detailed transportation and storage Keramoizol you can see on this page.

In color – gray / white, but it can be changed by introducing pigments fillers.

Keramoizol” is designed for thermal insulation of industrial, administrative and residential, public buildings and facilities with the most diverse form of internal, as well as external walls / surfaces of buildings and constructions (concrete, brick, ceramics, wood), foundations, vehicles, pipelines, steam, hot water boiler heating equipment, refrigerated roofs, hangars, oil pipelines and oil tanks.

This material protects the steel elements shaped structures used in construction, from the formation of condensation on their surfaces and protects them from corrosion.

He is characterized by excellent adhesion (traction) to become (at least 0.6 MPa), plastics (except polyethylene), concrete (not less than 1 MPa), a brick. When using the application, the thickness is 3 mm, in buildings of hardware (pump, compressor room, etc.) excluded the possibility of formation of condensate on the walls.

Its use in living rooms also prevents condensation and fungal colonies on the walls, floor and ceiling. And the energy consumption for space heating in cold season reduced by at least 30%.

Keramoizol” – frost (down to -50 ° C), it can be used as termogidroizolyatsii freezers, and the effort required to create coverage is significantly lower than during the formation of insulation layer with foam plates and sealing of the roofing material and the foil.

We care about the quality of products, each batch of goods is thoroughly tested.

That is why when the technology of applying the buyer obtains a guarantee from the manufacturer for 7 years.

Industrial and civil construction (External and internal use):

  1. walls, floors, ceilings of residential, industrial, public and social buildings;
  2. roof residential, industrial, public and social buildings;
  3. metal sheds, garages, warehouses and other facilities;
  4. girder cranes (protection from corrosion, frost and dew / condensate);
  5. Bridges (covering the lower parts of the bridge Keramoizolom lowers the freezing, corrosion resistance);
  6. piping systems, heating and hot water (reduced heat loss), piping cold water (preventing heat in summer, protection from condensation at the dew point);
  7. gas and steam pipes;
  8. Isolation and gidrobarer seams panel buildings and wooden houses.

Chemical and petrochemical industry:

  1. oil and gas pipelines (corrosion protection, overheating in the summer, the heat loss in winter);
  2. tanks and containers for storage and transportation of petroleum products (reflects sunlight);
  3. tanks and containers for storage and transport of flammable liquids and chemicals.

Automotive, machinery and shipbuilding industry:

  1. covering passenger compartments of used cars, wagons, and the side walls of vessels and

containers from the inside (to protect against corrosion, prevent freezing in winter and overheating in summer, soundproofing for vehicles;

  1. coat the bottoms of cars, the holds of ships (to protect against corrosion from salt (for vehicles in winter) and heat loss in winter);
  2. refrigerators and refrigerating equipment;
  3. for containers, ships, cars from outside (reflects sunlight, protecting against corrosion, prevent freezing in winter and heat in summer).

Other ways to apply:

Stationary cold storage, elevators, etc. For more information on the application KERAMOIZOL you can see on this page.

Керамоизол – современный энергосберегающий материал