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    Thermal insulation and energy-saving paint Keramoizol is widely used in various fields of industry and the domestic sector. Keramoizol very profitable and expedient to put on the walls of houses and a variety of structures and buildings.

    Keramoizol can use the following kinds of walls and surfaces:

    - Walls and ceilings of bathrooms, showers, toilets, closets, dressing rooms;
    - The walls of apartments facing the entrance;
    - Window and door reveals, cornices, balconies, porches, protruding parts of metal and concrete structures;
    - The interior surfaces of enclosures production facilities of large volume (shops, warehouses, etc.);
    - The interior surfaces of enclosures public spaces (concert halls, rooms of airports, shopping halls of shops, restaurants, gyms);
    - The interior surfaces of enclosures and residential ceilings;
    - The outer surfaces of building envelopes;
    - Other surface.

    Keramoizol application provides a reduction of heat loss from the building envelopes, protection of building structures from heating by solar radiation, reducing capital and operating costs for facade repairs, attractive appearance of the facade, an increase in the time between overhauls, reducing heat loss through the wall facing the entrance of premises, to prevent condensation , an increase of illumination and many other positive factors, which are a distinctive feature of energy saving and thermal insulation paint Keramoizol.