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    Keramoizol very widely used in the transportation industry. Energy-saving insulating paint and Keramoizol you can use:

    - Transport;
    - Passenger w / wagons and subway cars;
    - Car and railroad tank cars for different fluids;
    - Covering the inside of the housing of military and special purpose;
    - Industrial freezers;
    - Roofs of mobile TV and radio stations;
    - Roofs car refrigerators, trailers;
    - Engine rooms of ships, ship hulls, boats, yachts, etc.;
    - Other types of surfaces.

    Treated surface energy-saving insulating paint and Keramoizol provides, in particular:

    - Additional insulation, eliminating condensation in the holds, rooms, weight of the vessel as a result of lightweight KERAMOIZOLa (1 liter of the material after drying weighs less than 0.245 kg);
    - Doubling soundproofing cars, heat retention and a decrease of 30% of energy consumption for air conditioning coaches;
    - Reduce the amount of energy that falls inside the refrigerator (the tank) with solar heating, reducing the evaporation of fuel (liquid), freezing, reducing the time to heat the liquid at its freezing. Corrosion protection;
    - Reduced effectiveness of object detection imager, insulation, thermal insulation inside the body from overheating and overcooling;
    - Reduce the amount of energy that falls inside the refrigerator on solar heating, reducing fuel consumption. Corrosion protection;
    - Other factors.