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    Experiments with KERAMOIZOL:

    Thermal insulation Keramoizol:

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    It allows the video to think about why KERAMOIZOL CHOOSE. See and think for yourself:

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    Transport and storage

    1. Keramoizol transported by all modes of transport in closed vehicles, according to the rules of carriage of goods, which are used to this type of transport. Packaging – Hermetic plastic pails 10, 20 and 50 liters. Transportation, storage and keramoizol carried out according to GOST 9980.5. DBN D.1-4.

    2. During transportation, loading, unloading arrangement had to be used measures that ensure the integrity of the packaging.

    3. Water-based composition in winter must be stored in the compressed state in a closed room at a designated distance of at least 1m from heat at temperatures from +5 °C to +40 °C.

    4. Do not store in the clear – in the open air composition cures within a maximum of 24 hours and lost the subsequent suitability for use. Also not permitted to store songs below 0 °C – freezing keramoizol completely loses its insulating properties.

    5. Guaranteed shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture.

    6. Category of premises to store songs – “B” – according to NAPB B.07.005-86.

    Security Requirements

    1. Samples of shielding, made PNVKP “Ir-core +” on track polimermineralnyh “Keramoizol” according to TU U V.2.7-24.6-32396113-001: 2006 fire-technical classification p.2 DBN B.1.1-7-2002 are flammability of B1 (inflammable) according to DSTU B B.1.1-2-97, a group of flame propagation RP1 (does not apply flame) under DSTU B V.2.7-70-98 flammability of G1 (low flammability), GOST B V.2.7 -19-95, smoke-forming ability of D2 (with moderate smoke-forming ability), GOST 12.1.044-89.

    2. During the application of the workers must be provided with protective clothing in accordance with GOST 27574, GOST 27 575, by rubber gloves as per GOST 20 010 masks of the particle types means FA and respiratory protection ShB-1 “Petal” according to GOST 12.4.028, goggles according to GOST 12.4.013, according to GOST 12.4.162 shoes. When working in confined spaces provide provitrivanie.

    3. After contact with skin keramoizol, it must be washed with soap and water, with eye contact – wash immediately with plenty of water. During storage keramoizol not emit into the environment of hazardous substances in quantities that exceed the maximum permissible concentration. The material does not form toxic compounds in air and water environment in the presence of other substances. When the handling, storage and application of toxic substances are absent.

    4. Keramoizol should be stored in designated areas in compliance with the “Fire Safety Rules”, which includes regulations on thermal insulation materials.

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    Here are testimonials of our clients

    Reviewed by Private Enterprise “Orion Shipping”

    отзыв Керамоизол

    To zoom in, click on it

    by the director Volashina V.N.

    Test run cooling equipment and temperature measurements in the workshop showed satisfactory performance for the shop. When measuring the length of the compressor to reach the desired temperature, freezing, large variations are not observed after application of the “Keramoizol” area of ​​shops increased by 1.8 cubic meters. Comments on the results of the performance of the contract no.

    A brief description of work performed:

    Thermal insulation board freezer hold on ESS after repair. The new Primary coated surface area of ​​18 sq.m. side was coated with “Keramoizol” thickness 2.8-3.0 mm. The application was made five days with drying in natural conditions of each layer of at least 23-24 hours (as recommended by the manufacturer). The works were carried out at ambient temperatures of up +1 to +9 °С.



    Company: JSC “NPO” Impulse “Severodonetsk

    by the director for the production of Novoseletsky U.V.

    отзыв Керамоизол

    To zoom in, click on it

    Was carried out covering the cold water supply pipe to prevent condensate pipeline coating of the heating system to conserve heat. All pipes were inside the building.

    Work on drawing executed in August – September 2005. The material “KERAMOIZOL” was applied with a brush in two runs on cold water pipes in four passes for heating pipes, which corresponds to the thickness of the coating layer “KERAMOIZOL” on the pipes of cold water is about 0.7 mm, the heating pipes of about 1.5 – 1.7 mm.

    Result: On cold water pipes completely stopped the formation of condensation, the surface of pipe permanently dry – before coating the pipes were constantly wet. Partly on the coating surface revealed pockets of rust spot (about 1 mm in diameter), but who do not progress. Perhaps this is the result of poor preparation (stripping) of pipes.

    On heating pipes to determine the effect teplosberezheniya not technically possible. But the comparative control by touching the coated and uncoated pipe sections shows a significant temperature difference between surfaces – to the areas covered arm rests quietly on a bare-perhaps only briefly touch.



    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    Head of the KDP, “SU-2″ OJSC “Trust” CXC Vereshchagin A.I.

    отзыв Керамоизол

    To zoom in, click on it

    The object of a residential three-bedroom apartment in a pre-fabricated house at Severodonetsk, ul.Kurchatova, Building 32, Apt. 152. Processed within a long section of wall corner room (as indicated by the hostess). Before treatment, this area is constantly in the cold freezing and covered with a black patina, the room was noticeably cooler than other rooms in the apartment.

    Processing was carried out in October 2004, experts KDP “SU-2″ OJSC “Trust” Severodonetskhimstroy ‘. “The method of aerial spraying in two passes suffered material “Keramoizol” layer of 0.7-0.8 mm. After the application of surface was glued on top podshpaklevana and wallpaper.

    In the opinion of housewives in the room was much warmer, completely gone, of a black plaque on the walls and condensation. Especially the result emerged in January 2006, when the temperature outside dropped to -29 ° C – treated wall remained constantly warm and the room was warm. And the other wall, facing the street and not treated “Keramoizolom” were ice.



    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    Отзыв Керамоизол

    To zoom in, click on it

    Private enterprise “Ukr – Car Trade Plus”

    by the director Emelyanov  G.A.

    In 2006, the Company “Ukrteploizolyatsiya” performed insulation work. Novelty “Keramoizol” has been processed 200 square meters of warehouse space, the thickness of the applied layer on the plaster was 1 mm.

    After the treatment, “Keramoizolo” in a warehouse in the winter there was an increase in temperature +6 ° C, measurements were carried out at -15 ° C for seven days.

    This has led to significant savings in electrical energy in our company.




    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    JSC “Severodonetsk association Nitrogen”

    Head of the sector in the face of organic production Popova N.S.

    in the face of Art. Researcher Dr. SOP Derevianko S.L.

    Scientific Officer in the person of the SOP Kosovo G.N.

    Отзыв Керамоизол

    To zoom in, click on it

    We, the undersigned, have made this act is that the industrial area of ​​JSC “Severodonetsk Association Azot” Bldg. 961 Science Center has been tested liquid ceramic insulating coating “Keramoizol” to organic solvents as the dispersion medium.

    As a diluent to obtain the desired consistency is ready for non-use of the product used ethyl acetate. The test results are satisfactory. The finished coating after drying (at least 24 hours) has good adhesion to metal, resistant to temperature extremes and weathering. Two-layer coating (one layer at a thickness of 0.5 mm 70.38) provides a conduit for steam condensate (T = 60-65 ° C) temperature drop 10-15 ° C.

    Consider it possible to use this coating for thermal insulation of pipes with a temperature of 65S. At the same time should be coated layers (with the obligatory coats – 24 hours) to clean of corrosion and degreased metal surface under normal conditions, in order to avoid deformations (blisters) during the application. As a diluent recommend ethyl acetate (etilglikolatsetat, white spirit).



    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”


    in the person of the chief engineer Pazynyaka SV

    Отзыв о керамоизоле

    To zoom in, click on it

    According to the requirements of fire safety in Ukraine and the performance requirements of the State Fire Supervision, sewage pumping station in the enterprise, has been used as friction sparking material – a liquid polymer composition “Keramoizol” (TU-4 V.2.7. 32,396,113 6.24–001: 2006 .)

    Based on the conclusion of the test center ISpMA on safety in the mining industry (Minutes № 389 of the IT 17.06.2009g.)

    cover “Keramoizol” is applied in order to prevent frictional sparking an explosion-proof areas and zones 1 and 2 class (DNAOP 0.00-1.32-01) to secure the collision of metal objects, tools, equipment for steel structures in explosion-proof room.

    The layer thickness was 1.5 mm. Comments on the material and its Application no.




    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    FGI “Kerch area Gosgidrografii”

    made in the face of the leading electrical engineer – Morozova M.S.; heating engineers – Chechurova N.M.; spokesman CHNPKP “Incor +” SPD Konotop F.R.

    Отзыв о Керамоизоле

    To zoom in, click on it

    Commission composed of representatives of the FGI “Kerch area Gosgidrografii”: deputy head of logistics – Toshchakov MV, a leading electrical engineer – Morozova MS; heating engineers – Chechurova NM; spokesman CHNPKP “Incor +” MAP Konotop FR made this an act that in the area of ​​heating FSI “Kerch area Gosgidrografii” going to the garage, the length of 20 m (2 x 10 m) for thermal insulation outer surface of pipelines used for the composition polimermineralnaya shielding “KERAMOIZOL” on the basis of lacquer TU U B.2.7-24.6-32396113-001: 2006 (according to passport composition polimermineralnoy for shielding “KERAMOIZOL” on the basis of lacquer TU U V.2.7-24.6-32396113-001: 2006 batch number 78, date of manufacture 12.12.2007 years).

    Characteristics teploizoliruemogo pipeline:

    - Pipeline External;

    - Steel pipes, new, outdoor diamert 108 mm, thickness 4 mm, length 10 meters, coolant temperature 65-75 ° C.;

    - Steel pipes, new, outdoor diamert 108 mm, wall thickness 4 mm, length 10 meters, coolant temperature 50-60 ° C.

    Coating “KERAMOIZOL” made in accordance with the requirements of the application instructions of the manufacturer:

    - Composition thoroughly mixed;

    - The metal surface is dry, free from dust, degreased, primed;

    - The temperature of the surface to be coated at the time of production work 50-60 ° C;

    - Ambient temperature -5: -7 ° C;

    - The composition was applied to the pipe with a brush in three layers: 31.01.2008 suffered a layer (thickness less than 0.5 mm), 02/01/2008, was dealt a 2 layer, 02/04/2008, the 3 layer applied (each subsequent layer is deposited not earlier than 24 hours later, only after the complete drying of the previous layer coating).


    1) Coating “KERAMOIZOL” holds uniformly in accordance with instructions for use by the manufacturer.

    2) The total thickness of the coating was 2 mm.

    3) The external inspection of defects in the coating were found.

    4) coating suitable for the next 7 years according to the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Federal Commission “Kerch area Gosgidrografii” confirms coverage, which was applied to the piping meets the requirements of the customer.



    заключение Керамоизол

    To zoom in, click on it

    The findings of the temperature measurements in the fuel tanks of 400 m3 after the use of energy-saving insulating paint “KERAMOIZOL”

    JSC “Aidar League” in the person of Golub S.P.

    OOO “PFG” Delta Group “in the person of Sukhomlinov S.A.

    ReservoirExterior insulationAmbient temperature, ° CThe temperature inside the tank, ° C
    400 m3 (T12)Keramoizol (white surface)+33+24
    400 m3 (T43)Reflector surface (white surface)+33+36
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    Energy Saving Paint “KERAMOIZOL” save heat

    Mechanism for reducing heat loss energy-saving paints differ from conventional ideas about how insulation of buildings. Energy-saving properties of paint “KERAMOIZOL” due to the fact that she, having composed a large number of hollow spherical bodies constitute energootrazhayuschuyu optical system that has emissivity less than that of traditional building materials. Energy saving paint film serves as a “heat mirror”, which returns a portion of the heat flow coming from the building, and the surface covered with “KERAMOIZOLom, emits less heat.

    Building under construction with a thin film “KERAMOIZOLa” within a short time to dry conditions, to ensure its maximum thermal resistance, due to its low resistance to water vapor and high hydrophobicity of energy-saving paints. In this case, the solar heat is not used for the evaporation of rainwater from the surface layer, and directly heats the design, accumulates in its entirety.

    Results of monitoring the moisture content in the walls of the building covered with energy-saving paints showed that a year after inking the amount of moisture in the design has reached equilibrium, and design your own RTD increased by 10% just by reducing humidity.

    The numeric value of energy-saving efficiency of paint application “KERAMOIZOLa” depends on your own initial thermal resistance design, the location of buildings, building density, time of year, the number of clear cloudless nights and can reach 45%.

    Energy Saving Paint “KERAMOIZOL” protects from the sun

    Covering “KERAMOIZOL” during the lifetime of a diffusely reflecting more than 90% of solar radiation. Application of energy saving paint on the building envelope allows several times to reduce the amount of heat entering the premises, which reduces the cost of air conditioning and more comfortable staying there people.

    Application of energy saving paint on the surface of tanks, terminals, pipelines, petroleum products and volatile chemical compounds can reduce the temperature of the contents, and thus its evaporation.

    At the same time building KERAMOIZOL prepares for winter in the summer months. The walls are drying up and becoming a great storage heat warms only as “dry coat”, so the building requires less heating costs, as the “wall storage” sufficiently full and empties slowly. In the premises the walls are warm, and therefore greater comfort is achieved with a decrease in heating power.

    These processes occur in subsequent years. If a glass jar from the refrigerator in a warm place, on the outside is formed abundant condensate. The same happens with the house, when after the winter months on the street is getting warmer. Moisture from the air is deposited on the cold exterior walls, and immediately evaporates. KERAMOIZOL provides constant cooling buildings in summer, warm in winter and dry walls.

    How does KERAMOIZOL?
    Energy saving membrane KERAMOIZOLa consists of a special binder for water-based, which contains millions evacuated (0.3 MPa) ceramic hollow spheres (vesicles) with a diameter of 50-100 microns.

    After drying, the layer is polymerized into a solid, elastic, thick, do not let the pair structure of a thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm (membrane – 1 layer). Features of this membrane provides energy-saving properties. They are in principle different from conventional ideas about possibilities to reduce energy loss. Saving energy on heating and cooling homes is achieved by increasing the surface area and endothermic processes in termokeramicheskoy membrane.

    For better understanding we give some idea of ​​the scale:
    - Smooth surface area of ​​1 m2 is increased by 2-3 times.
    In one square meter of membrane thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm beads surface is 12 m2. Binder may swell on, not looking up from the substrate. Per 1 m 2 can be transported actively 0.0072 mg / (m * h * Pa) vapor.

    Together with other technical parameters, these properties provide the desired effect when associated with humidity heat transfer. Bubbles ‘filter’ the flow of heat in the infrared spectrum, reflecting and scattering up to 25% of the heat in the opposite direction. The surface of the membrane emits three times less heat than brick or concrete (E = 0.25).

    Introduction to the evacuated areas of the coating can dissipate up to 86% of visible sunlight and reflect 92% of infrared radiation. Water-resistant membranes, and open enough for diffusion (“respiratory activity”), dried building materials and increase their own thermal resistance. Heat loss is reduced by an additional 79%.

    Thus, the thin membrane combines a whole range of physical effects, so in a scientific way it can be called “surface coating with an endothermic effect.”

    Heat loss designs are protected KERAMOIZOL ohm decrease, and the cost of heating the building is reduced by 20-30%. Findings from the research are more attracted to the state authorities, concerned about energy savings.

    Thus, the bodies of power in Ukraine and Russia have recognized:

    1. Coating evenly distributes heat across the surface.

    2. Coverage (0.30-0.35 mm) extends the heat transfer between heat source and the environment to maintain a constant temperature of almost 31%.

    3. Inside, protected KERAMOIZOL th, with the regulation of the heat energy savings of at least 22%.

    The estimated thickness of the layer keramoizola depends on how much you want to Decrease the heat exchange between the surfaces of building envelopes (walls, roof, ceiling, roof, etc..) With the environment.


    Management Company SEVSNAB:


    General director – Fomenko Andrei

    Tel. +38 (095) 312-09-05




    Тел. +38 (095) 423-93-92, +38 (096) 502-70-51

    Chief accountant – Samorudova Tat’yana

    Tel. +38 (050) 660-07-34




    Тел. +38 (050) 660-07-34

    Representatives Company SEVSNAB:

    Our representatives (Ukraine)

    • Bariev Ilya
    • Aleksandr
    • Vine Vitaliy
    • Mustafa Sergei
    • Andrey Semenov
    • Sergey Semenov
    • Radchenko Boris
    • Rudnev Vitaliy
    • Natalia Fomenko
    • Alexey Fomenko
    • Cherepantsev Sergey
    • Yavorskaya Larisa

    International Representatives

    • Adrian Weaver (Moldavia, Romania)
    • Karim Zaitov (Italy, Europe)
    • Concetta Tomasino (Uzbekistan, Slaven)
    • Carlo Remondini (Brazil)
    • Lorenzo Santangelo (Nigeria)

    Our consultants:

    • Ph.D., professor of NTU “KPI” Tsybenko Alexander
    • Ph.D., professor of NTU “KPI” Krischuk Nicholas G.
    • Ph.D., senior research fellow NTU “KPI” Antonovich Adrian V.
  • Instructions for applying the composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol”

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” (hereinafter – the material) is supplied completely ready to use. Temperature transport and storage of the material should not be lower, not lower than +5 °C.
    If the material is frozen – he completely loses its insulating properties,
    due to physical destruction of the ceramic spheres missed first trimester abortion by water molecules present in the material.

    Preparation of coating

    1. Open container (bucket, barrel).

    2. If the surface formed a soft crust – partly destroy the formed crust by hand to ensure comfortable operation for mixing the material with a drill attachment.

    3. Drill with mixing attachment for a slow start thorough mixing of the material. Attention! Do not use very high speeds for mixing – it would lead to the destruction of the ceramic spheres. During the stirring speed of the nozzle should not exceed 200 rpm.

    4. Continue mixing until until a homogeneous “smetanopodobnaya” mass without clots and lumps. In the case of gelled material should be diluted with clean water, but no more than 5% of the volume of the solution. After achieving this result, the material is ready for use.

    5. If the application materials will be carried out using the gun, you need to pour the mixed material into a clean container expenditure through a filter with mesh size of the holes 0,5-1mm. This will prevent accidental ingress of small lumps of material that can clog the sprayer.

    Surface Preparation

    1. The material can be applied to all types of surfaces (metals, plastics, glass, concrete, bricks, etc.) except polyethylene.

    2. When marking material for metals – need priming before applying.

    3. Concrete and masonry surfaces before applying the material must be cleaned with a brush and moisten with water.

    4. Before applying to wood surfaces must be with them to remove dust and possibly remove the resin.

    5. Plastic surface must be clean up to eliminate the gloss on the surface of fine sandpaper, remove dust and grease.

    Vehicle safety

    1. When working in confined spaces provide adequate ventilation.

    2. When working with spray gun must wear protective masks and goggles.

    3. In case of contact with skin or eyes – rinse with water.

    4. If the product gets on clothing – wash the material with water.

    Deposition of material

    1. Application of the material can be carried out without restrictions on surfaces with temperatures from +5 °C to +95 °C.

    2. To avoid delamination and sagging thickness of a coating layer should not exceed 0.6 mm.

    3. When the multilayer deposition of material for recoating must dry the previous one.

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    Download one file in PDF format Certificates

  • Area of application Comments Off

    Scope insulation KERAMOIZOLa extraordinarily broad:

    1. Thermal insulation oil, gas, water, steam and other piping
    2. Thermal insulation of valves
    3. Thermal insulation of the roofs of residential and industrial buildings, both internally and externally
    4. Thermal insulation of metal structures
    5. Thermal insulation sheds and garages
    6. Thermal insulation of building facades
    7. Warming difficult for conventional thermal facilities
    8. Thermal insulation of facilities at which moisture can
    9. Thermal insulation of transport (rail cars, refrigerators, motor vehicles)

    Name of BuildingThe purpose of the applicationImage
    Steam pipelines, hot water, heating equipment boilerPreventing cooling the contents of the pipeline. Lowering the temperature on the surface of the pipeline to ensure safe working conditions and air temperature in the boiler. Corrosion protection.
    The outer surfaces of building envelopesReduce heat to building envelopes, protection of building structures from heating by solar radiation, reducing capital and operating costs for facade repairs, attractive appearance of the facade, an increase in the time between overhauls.
    The interior surfaces of enclosures and residential ceilingsReduce heat, attractive appearance, increased lighting, the absence of convective flow of air in the room, moving the dust thermal comfort. Preventing the formation of mold on the "problem" areas numb walls.
    The interior surfaces of enclosures production facilities of large volume (shops, warehouses, etc.)Reduce heat loss, increase lighting jobs, increasing the temperature of the air, aesthetic appearance, increase the time between overhauls.
    The interior surfaces of enclosures public spaces (concert halls, rooms of airports, shopping halls of shops, restaurants, gyms)Reduce heat, increasing the illumination of workplaces, increase the time between overhauls, the aesthetic appearance.
    The interior surfaces of enclosures special purpose production facilities (swimming pools, freezers and a large volume, etc.)Reduce heat, cooling costs and heat, to prevent condensation on surfaces, increasing the time between overhauls.
    Window and door reveals, cornices, balconies, porches, protruding parts of metal and concrete structuresPreventing the formation of "cold bridges" and condensation on the inner surfaces of these building elements.
    The walls of apartments facing the entranceReduce heat loss through the wall facing the entrance of premises.
    Walls and ceilings of bathrooms, showers, toilets, closets, dressing roomsPrevention of condensation, increased light, reducing heat loss.
    The roofs of buildings and structuresReduce heat, preventing interior heat, reducing air conditioning costs, increase the time between overhauls, to create a continuous watertight membrane.
    Metal roof sheds and garagesReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the premises, and accordingly, a more comfortable working conditions. Long service life. Corrosion protection.
    The lower part of bridgePreventing the formation of ice on the pavement by reducing heat transfer between the underside of the bridge and the ground (water) under it. Corrosion protection.
    Roof car refrigerators, trailersReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the refrigerator on solar heating, reducing fuel consumption. Corrosion protection.
    The roofs of mobile TV and radio stationsReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the unit for solar heating, respectively, a decrease in air temperature and the number of failures in electronic devices. Corrosion protection.
    Slate and tile roofsReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the building, improving comfort of living in the attic and upper floors, the increase in service life.
    The southern and western walls of metal buildingsReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the premises, and accordingly, a more comfortable work environment, preservation of the stored property. Corrosion protection.
    Air Conditioning SystemsPrevent condensation on the parts and pipelines, corrosion protection.
    Cabinets television, radio and communicationReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the cabinet, reducing the expense of the temperature in them, ensuring smooth operation of electronics.
    Industrial freezersPrevent condensation on the parts and pipelines, corrosion protection. Reducing the amount of heat that enters into the cells. Corrosion protection. Corrosion protection.
    Storage tanks for petroleum and petroleum productsReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the containers, respectively, temperature of the contents and its evaporation. Corrosion protection.
    Storage tanks of nitrogen, ammonia, etc. liquefied gasesReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the containers, respectively, temperature of the contents, reducing energy consumption, prevention of sudden changes in pressure. Corrosion protection.
    Oil and gas pipelinesReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the pipe when heated by solar radiation, preventing it from condensing, long-term protection against corrosion.
    Pipelines for the chilled waterPreventing heat content of pipeline and education in its condensation. Corrosion protection.
    Tanks and tanks for drinking waterReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the containers, respectively, temperature of the contents, increase its shelf life. Corrosion protection.
    Technological equipment of chemical plantsPrevention of heat content, corrosion protection.
    Coating the inside of the housing of military and special-purposeReduce the effectiveness of the thermal imager object recognition, sound insulation, thermal insulation inside the body from overheating and overcooling
    Road and rail tank cars for different liquidsReducing the amount of energy that falls inside the refrigerator (the tank) with solar heating, reducing the evaporation of fuel (liquid), freezing, reducing the time to heat the liquid at its freezing. Corrosion protection.
    Passenger w / wagons and subway carsDoubling soundproofing cars, heat retention and a decrease of 30% of energy consumption for air conditioning coaches
    Engine rooms of ships, ship hulls, boats, yachts, etc.Additional noise reduction, elimination of condensation in the holds, rooms, weight of the vessel as a result of lightweight KERAMOIZOLa (1 liter of the material after drying weighs less than 0.245 kg)
  • We offer you the basic information about the composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol and use of the composition polimermineralnoy” Keramoizol “instead of paint and different kinds of insulation.

    Physical and technical characteristics

    Physical and technical characteristicsValue
    Thermal conductivity, (W/m îÑ), no more0,0025
    The coefficient of heat transfer from the outer surface of the insulation, (W/m îÑ)1,5
    Drying time at 20 °C, h24
    Temperature range, îÑ-50 to +200
    Tensile strength, kg/cm 28,7
    Elongation at break,% min1,2
    Density, g/cm 30,7 - 1,5
    Mass fraction of solids, %40 - 70
    Water absorption coating for 24 hours,% by weight, not more15,0
    Water vapor permeability of coating, mg / (m*year* Pa), not more0,02
    Adhesion of the coating, MPa, no less:
    -         To become0,6
    -         For concrete1
    Frost resistance of coating cycles, not less25
    The coefficient of heat transfer from the outer surface of the insulation, (W/m îÑ)1,5

    Comparative analysis of the use of additional insulation materials for thermal insulation of walls

    Thermal conductivity0,0420,0380,0025
    Warranty period557
    Overhaulrequiredrequirednot required
    Additional building materialsEliminating the effect of "dew point"Eliminating the effect of "dew point"not required
    Hygienehazardous to healthnot toxicnot toxic
    Criminalitysubject to lootingsubject to lootingNot of interest to re-use
    Physical propertiesThe material loses its properties under the influence of rainfall and timeNot lose itsNot lose its
    Technical solutionsNecessary to check the foundation bearing capacityNecessary to check the foundation bearing capacityExtra weight is not no foundation
    ArchitectureRequires additional architectural design on the facadeRequires additional architectural design on the facadeRetains all the architectural forms
    Methods of UseJust outside the walls, and only forJust outside the walls, and only forBoth outside and inside the building. The walls, floor. roofing

    Physico-Technical Indicators composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” significantly better performance of all existing insulation materials:

    thermal conductivity coefficient – 0.0025 W / m 2 C;
    heat transfer coefficient from the outer surface – 1,5 W/m2 ? C;
    adhesion to the metal – 1,7 MPa;
    viscosity of -0.87 g/cm3;
    water vapor permeability of coating – 0.0071 mg / (m * h * Pa);
    Drying time at +20 ° C – 24 hours.

    Cost Arrangement polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” significantly lower analogues and other types of insulation, as well as certain types of paint.

    Over the past period we have gained positive experience of using “Keramoizola on fuel storage tanks and buildings, railway cars, containers, piping, steam and hot water boilers, boiler tubes, ventilation system, the courts and various production lines.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol was positively applied to the commodity-based and based liquefied gas refineries Lisichansky TNK-BP.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” has been tested and is now commercially manufactured according to TU V.2.7-6.24-32396113-001: 2006.

    Material composition is patented – patent Ukraine UA 17435 u.

    The trademark “Keramoizol” – was registered, a certificate № m2006 00,047 from 03.01.2006 year.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” according to TU V.2.7-6.24-32396113-001: 2006 is designed for heat, hydro-, noise-insulation products of any form of complexity, for exterior and interior surfaces.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” referred to the friction-spark-proof products and can be operated in a methane-air environment in the mines, including those can be used to predovrascheniya frictional sparking in explosive areas and areas of Class 1 and 2 (clauses 4.5.3 . and 4.5.4. DNOAP 0.00-1.32-01).

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” Shipping Register of Ukraine issued Type Approval Certificate ITS 221-3-133-08.

    Benefits composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol:

    1) does not change the geometry of space, as the coating thickness is measured in millimeters;

    2) does not increase the load bearing structures – 1 mm coating of 1 m2 weighs 250 grams;

    3) allows you to place pipes on a smaller distance between adjacent pipes, walls, etc.;

    4) applied to the surface of any geometrical shape that allows you to easily, even completely isolate the valve;

    5) reflects and dissipates heat up to 95% of solar radiation;

    6) No need for an additional vapor barrier in the roof;

    7) the visibility of the damage covered surfaces (gusts of pipelines, tanks, etc.);

    8) if necessary, repair of damaged coating is easily restored;

    9) ease of application (brush, a hard roller, air spray gun and airless spray);

    10) is not acceptable to the habitat of pests (rodents, insects);

    11) no need for construction of additional coverage (sheet metal, plastic, etc.);

    12) has good adhesion to metal, plastic, concrete, brick, completely lacking adhesion to polyethylene;

    13) prevents the formation of rust;

    14) coating has excellent hydrophobicity, chemical and biological stability, do not miss the water molecules;

    15) completely eliminated the formation of condensation and fungal structures;

    16) as opposed to paint, does not require respiratory protection, eye and skin painters;

    17) is not an allergen;

    18) is completely environmentally safe and poses no threat to the environment;

    19) minimum service coverage – 25 years, which will completely eliminate the subsequent repairs;

    20) operating temperature range to cover from the composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” range from – 500 to + 2200;

    21) warranty on coating – 7 years warranty on the unused track polimermineralnuyu “Keramoizol – 1 year.

    22) composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol:

    - According to DSTU B B.1.1-2-97 belongs to the B1 (inflammable);

    - According to DSTU B V.2.7-70-98 refers to a group of WP1 (not the spread of fire);

    - According to DSTU B V.2.7-19-95 refers to the group G1 (low fuel);

    - According to GOST 12.1.044-89 refers to the group A2 (with a moderate smoke-forming ability).

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” coat the surface with a temperature from +50 to +90 0C. Storage and transportation must be carried out at a temperature below 50 C.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” in its original state – a liquid one-component pastopodobnaya suspension of gray.

    To cover the tracks of polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” can be applied all kinds of paints, plasters, etc.

    The suspension may initially be painted in any color on request.

    After polymerization, the composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” forms a strong, fairly flexible film, whose thickness is chosen according to the requirements of the object.

    We hope for fruitful cooperation.