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    Reviewed by Private Enterprise “Orion Shipping”

    отзыв Керамоизол

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    by the director Volashina V.N.

    Test run cooling equipment and temperature measurements in the workshop showed satisfactory performance for the shop. When measuring the length of the compressor to reach the desired temperature, freezing, large variations are not observed after application of the “Keramoizol” area of ​​shops increased by 1.8 cubic meters. Comments on the results of the performance of the contract no.

    A brief description of work performed:

    Thermal insulation board freezer hold on ESS after repair. The new Primary coated surface area of ​​18 sq.m. side was coated with “Keramoizol” thickness 2.8-3.0 mm. The application was made five days with drying in natural conditions of each layer of at least 23-24 hours (as recommended by the manufacturer). The works were carried out at ambient temperatures of up +1 to +9 °С.



    Company: JSC “NPO” Impulse “Severodonetsk

    by the director for the production of Novoseletsky U.V.

    отзыв Керамоизол

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    Was carried out covering the cold water supply pipe to prevent condensate pipeline coating of the heating system to conserve heat. All pipes were inside the building.

    Work on drawing executed in August – September 2005. The material “KERAMOIZOL” was applied with a brush in two runs on cold water pipes in four passes for heating pipes, which corresponds to the thickness of the coating layer “KERAMOIZOL” on the pipes of cold water is about 0.7 mm, the heating pipes of about 1.5 – 1.7 mm.

    Result: On cold water pipes completely stopped the formation of condensation, the surface of pipe permanently dry – before coating the pipes were constantly wet. Partly on the coating surface revealed pockets of rust spot (about 1 mm in diameter), but who do not progress. Perhaps this is the result of poor preparation (stripping) of pipes.

    On heating pipes to determine the effect teplosberezheniya not technically possible. But the comparative control by touching the coated and uncoated pipe sections shows a significant temperature difference between surfaces – to the areas covered arm rests quietly on a bare-perhaps only briefly touch.



    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    Head of the KDP, “SU-2″ OJSC “Trust” CXC Vereshchagin A.I.

    отзыв Керамоизол

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    The object of a residential three-bedroom apartment in a pre-fabricated house at Severodonetsk, ul.Kurchatova, Building 32, Apt. 152. Processed within a long section of wall corner room (as indicated by the hostess). Before treatment, this area is constantly in the cold freezing and covered with a black patina, the room was noticeably cooler than other rooms in the apartment.

    Processing was carried out in October 2004, experts KDP “SU-2″ OJSC “Trust” Severodonetskhimstroy ‘. “The method of aerial spraying in two passes suffered material “Keramoizol” layer of 0.7-0.8 mm. After the application of surface was glued on top podshpaklevana and wallpaper.

    In the opinion of housewives in the room was much warmer, completely gone, of a black plaque on the walls and condensation. Especially the result emerged in January 2006, when the temperature outside dropped to -29 ° C – treated wall remained constantly warm and the room was warm. And the other wall, facing the street and not treated “Keramoizolom” were ice.



    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    Отзыв Керамоизол

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    Private enterprise “Ukr – Car Trade Plus”

    by the director Emelyanov  G.A.

    In 2006, the Company “Ukrteploizolyatsiya” performed insulation work. Novelty “Keramoizol” has been processed 200 square meters of warehouse space, the thickness of the applied layer on the plaster was 1 mm.

    After the treatment, “Keramoizolo” in a warehouse in the winter there was an increase in temperature +6 ° C, measurements were carried out at -15 ° C for seven days.

    This has led to significant savings in electrical energy in our company.




    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    JSC “Severodonetsk association Nitrogen”

    Head of the sector in the face of organic production Popova N.S.

    in the face of Art. Researcher Dr. SOP Derevianko S.L.

    Scientific Officer in the person of the SOP Kosovo G.N.

    Отзыв Керамоизол

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    We, the undersigned, have made this act is that the industrial area of ​​JSC “Severodonetsk Association Azot” Bldg. 961 Science Center has been tested liquid ceramic insulating coating “Keramoizol” to organic solvents as the dispersion medium.

    As a diluent to obtain the desired consistency is ready for non-use of the product used ethyl acetate. The test results are satisfactory. The finished coating after drying (at least 24 hours) has good adhesion to metal, resistant to temperature extremes and weathering. Two-layer coating (one layer at a thickness of 0.5 mm 70.38) provides a conduit for steam condensate (T = 60-65 ° C) temperature drop 10-15 ° C.

    Consider it possible to use this coating for thermal insulation of pipes with a temperature of 65S. At the same time should be coated layers (with the obligatory coats – 24 hours) to clean of corrosion and degreased metal surface under normal conditions, in order to avoid deformations (blisters) during the application. As a diluent recommend ethyl acetate (etilglikolatsetat, white spirit).



    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”


    in the person of the chief engineer Pazynyaka SV

    Отзыв о керамоизоле

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    According to the requirements of fire safety in Ukraine and the performance requirements of the State Fire Supervision, sewage pumping station in the enterprise, has been used as friction sparking material – a liquid polymer composition “Keramoizol” (TU-4 V.2.7. 32,396,113 6.24–001: 2006 .)

    Based on the conclusion of the test center ISpMA on safety in the mining industry (Minutes № 389 of the IT 17.06.2009g.)

    cover “Keramoizol” is applied in order to prevent frictional sparking an explosion-proof areas and zones 1 and 2 class (DNAOP 0.00-1.32-01) to secure the collision of metal objects, tools, equipment for steel structures in explosion-proof room.

    The layer thickness was 1.5 mm. Comments on the material and its Application no.




    Feedback on the use of shielding “Keramoizol”

    FGI “Kerch area Gosgidrografii”

    made in the face of the leading electrical engineer – Morozova M.S.; heating engineers – Chechurova N.M.; spokesman CHNPKP “Incor +” SPD Konotop F.R.

    Отзыв о Керамоизоле

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    Commission composed of representatives of the FGI “Kerch area Gosgidrografii”: deputy head of logistics – Toshchakov MV, a leading electrical engineer – Morozova MS; heating engineers – Chechurova NM; spokesman CHNPKP “Incor +” MAP Konotop FR made this an act that in the area of ​​heating FSI “Kerch area Gosgidrografii” going to the garage, the length of 20 m (2 x 10 m) for thermal insulation outer surface of pipelines used for the composition polimermineralnaya shielding “KERAMOIZOL” on the basis of lacquer TU U B.2.7-24.6-32396113-001: 2006 (according to passport composition polimermineralnoy for shielding “KERAMOIZOL” on the basis of lacquer TU U V.2.7-24.6-32396113-001: 2006 batch number 78, date of manufacture 12.12.2007 years).

    Characteristics teploizoliruemogo pipeline:

    - Pipeline External;

    - Steel pipes, new, outdoor diamert 108 mm, thickness 4 mm, length 10 meters, coolant temperature 65-75 ° C.;

    - Steel pipes, new, outdoor diamert 108 mm, wall thickness 4 mm, length 10 meters, coolant temperature 50-60 ° C.

    Coating “KERAMOIZOL” made in accordance with the requirements of the application instructions of the manufacturer:

    - Composition thoroughly mixed;

    - The metal surface is dry, free from dust, degreased, primed;

    - The temperature of the surface to be coated at the time of production work 50-60 ° C;

    - Ambient temperature -5: -7 ° C;

    - The composition was applied to the pipe with a brush in three layers: 31.01.2008 suffered a layer (thickness less than 0.5 mm), 02/01/2008, was dealt a 2 layer, 02/04/2008, the 3 layer applied (each subsequent layer is deposited not earlier than 24 hours later, only after the complete drying of the previous layer coating).


    1) Coating “KERAMOIZOL” holds uniformly in accordance with instructions for use by the manufacturer.

    2) The total thickness of the coating was 2 mm.

    3) The external inspection of defects in the coating were found.

    4) coating suitable for the next 7 years according to the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Federal Commission “Kerch area Gosgidrografii” confirms coverage, which was applied to the piping meets the requirements of the customer.



    заключение Керамоизол

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    The findings of the temperature measurements in the fuel tanks of 400 m3 after the use of energy-saving insulating paint “KERAMOIZOL”

    JSC “Aidar League” in the person of Golub S.P.

    OOO “PFG” Delta Group “in the person of Sukhomlinov S.A.

    ReservoirExterior insulationAmbient temperature, ° CThe temperature inside the tank, ° C
    400 m3 (T12)Keramoizol (white surface)+33+24
    400 m3 (T43)Reflector surface (white surface)+33+36