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  • Instructions for applying the composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol”

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” (hereinafter – the material) is supplied completely ready to use. Temperature transport and storage of the material should not be lower, not lower than +5 °C.
    If the material is frozen – he completely loses its insulating properties,
    due to physical destruction of the ceramic spheres missed first trimester abortion by water molecules present in the material.

    Preparation of coating

    1. Open container (bucket, barrel).

    2. If the surface formed a soft crust – partly destroy the formed crust by hand to ensure comfortable operation for mixing the material with a drill attachment.

    3. Drill with mixing attachment for a slow start thorough mixing of the material. Attention! Do not use very high speeds for mixing – it would lead to the destruction of the ceramic spheres. During the stirring speed of the nozzle should not exceed 200 rpm.

    4. Continue mixing until until a homogeneous “smetanopodobnaya” mass without clots and lumps. In the case of gelled material should be diluted with clean water, but no more than 5% of the volume of the solution. After achieving this result, the material is ready for use.

    5. If the application materials will be carried out using the gun, you need to pour the mixed material into a clean container expenditure through a filter with mesh size of the holes 0,5-1mm. This will prevent accidental ingress of small lumps of material that can clog the sprayer.

    Surface Preparation

    1. The material can be applied to all types of surfaces (metals, plastics, glass, concrete, bricks, etc.) except polyethylene.

    2. When marking material for metals – need priming before applying.

    3. Concrete and masonry surfaces before applying the material must be cleaned with a brush and moisten with water.

    4. Before applying to wood surfaces must be with them to remove dust and possibly remove the resin.

    5. Plastic surface must be clean up to eliminate the gloss on the surface of fine sandpaper, remove dust and grease.

    Vehicle safety

    1. When working in confined spaces provide adequate ventilation.

    2. When working with spray gun must wear protective masks and goggles.

    3. In case of contact with skin or eyes – rinse with water.

    4. If the product gets on clothing – wash the material with water.

    Deposition of material

    1. Application of the material can be carried out without restrictions on surfaces with temperatures from +5 °C to +95 °C.

    2. To avoid delamination and sagging thickness of a coating layer should not exceed 0.6 mm.

    3. When the multilayer deposition of material for recoating must dry the previous one.