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  • We offer you the basic information about the composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol and use of the composition polimermineralnoy” Keramoizol “instead of paint and different kinds of insulation.

    Physical and technical characteristics

    Physical and technical characteristicsValue
    Thermal conductivity, (W/m îÑ), no more0,0025
    The coefficient of heat transfer from the outer surface of the insulation, (W/m îÑ)1,5
    Drying time at 20 °C, h24
    Temperature range, îÑ-50 to +200
    Tensile strength, kg/cm 28,7
    Elongation at break,% min1,2
    Density, g/cm 30,7 - 1,5
    Mass fraction of solids, %40 - 70
    Water absorption coating for 24 hours,% by weight, not more15,0
    Water vapor permeability of coating, mg / (m*year* Pa), not more0,02
    Adhesion of the coating, MPa, no less:
    -         To become0,6
    -         For concrete1
    Frost resistance of coating cycles, not less25
    The coefficient of heat transfer from the outer surface of the insulation, (W/m îÑ)1,5

    Comparative analysis of the use of additional insulation materials for thermal insulation of walls

    Thermal conductivity0,0420,0380,0025
    Warranty period557
    Overhaulrequiredrequirednot required
    Additional building materialsEliminating the effect of "dew point"Eliminating the effect of "dew point"not required
    Hygienehazardous to healthnot toxicnot toxic
    Criminalitysubject to lootingsubject to lootingNot of interest to re-use
    Physical propertiesThe material loses its properties under the influence of rainfall and timeNot lose itsNot lose its
    Technical solutionsNecessary to check the foundation bearing capacityNecessary to check the foundation bearing capacityExtra weight is not no foundation
    ArchitectureRequires additional architectural design on the facadeRequires additional architectural design on the facadeRetains all the architectural forms
    Methods of UseJust outside the walls, and only forJust outside the walls, and only forBoth outside and inside the building. The walls, floor. roofing

    Physico-Technical Indicators composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” significantly better performance of all existing insulation materials:

    thermal conductivity coefficient – 0.0025 W / m 2 C;
    heat transfer coefficient from the outer surface – 1,5 W/m2 ? C;
    adhesion to the metal – 1,7 MPa;
    viscosity of -0.87 g/cm3;
    water vapor permeability of coating – 0.0071 mg / (m * h * Pa);
    Drying time at +20 ° C – 24 hours.

    Cost Arrangement polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” significantly lower analogues and other types of insulation, as well as certain types of paint.

    Over the past period we have gained positive experience of using “Keramoizola on fuel storage tanks and buildings, railway cars, containers, piping, steam and hot water boilers, boiler tubes, ventilation system, the courts and various production lines.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol was positively applied to the commodity-based and based liquefied gas refineries Lisichansky TNK-BP.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” has been tested and is now commercially manufactured according to TU V.2.7-6.24-32396113-001: 2006.

    Material composition is patented – patent Ukraine UA 17435 u.

    The trademark “Keramoizol” – was registered, a certificate № m2006 00,047 from 03.01.2006 year.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” according to TU V.2.7-6.24-32396113-001: 2006 is designed for heat, hydro-, noise-insulation products of any form of complexity, for exterior and interior surfaces.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” referred to the friction-spark-proof products and can be operated in a methane-air environment in the mines, including those can be used to predovrascheniya frictional sparking in explosive areas and areas of Class 1 and 2 (clauses 4.5.3 . and 4.5.4. DNOAP 0.00-1.32-01).

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” Shipping Register of Ukraine issued Type Approval Certificate ITS 221-3-133-08.

    Benefits composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol:

    1) does not change the geometry of space, as the coating thickness is measured in millimeters;

    2) does not increase the load bearing structures – 1 mm coating of 1 m2 weighs 250 grams;

    3) allows you to place pipes on a smaller distance between adjacent pipes, walls, etc.;

    4) applied to the surface of any geometrical shape that allows you to easily, even completely isolate the valve;

    5) reflects and dissipates heat up to 95% of solar radiation;

    6) No need for an additional vapor barrier in the roof;

    7) the visibility of the damage covered surfaces (gusts of pipelines, tanks, etc.);

    8) if necessary, repair of damaged coating is easily restored;

    9) ease of application (brush, a hard roller, air spray gun and airless spray);

    10) is not acceptable to the habitat of pests (rodents, insects);

    11) no need for construction of additional coverage (sheet metal, plastic, etc.);

    12) has good adhesion to metal, plastic, concrete, brick, completely lacking adhesion to polyethylene;

    13) prevents the formation of rust;

    14) coating has excellent hydrophobicity, chemical and biological stability, do not miss the water molecules;

    15) completely eliminated the formation of condensation and fungal structures;

    16) as opposed to paint, does not require respiratory protection, eye and skin painters;

    17) is not an allergen;

    18) is completely environmentally safe and poses no threat to the environment;

    19) minimum service coverage – 25 years, which will completely eliminate the subsequent repairs;

    20) operating temperature range to cover from the composition polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” range from – 500 to + 2200;

    21) warranty on coating – 7 years warranty on the unused track polimermineralnuyu “Keramoizol – 1 year.

    22) composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol:

    - According to DSTU B B.1.1-2-97 belongs to the B1 (inflammable);

    - According to DSTU B V.2.7-70-98 refers to a group of WP1 (not the spread of fire);

    - According to DSTU B V.2.7-19-95 refers to the group G1 (low fuel);

    - According to GOST 12.1.044-89 refers to the group A2 (with a moderate smoke-forming ability).

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” coat the surface with a temperature from +50 to +90 0C. Storage and transportation must be carried out at a temperature below 50 C.

    Composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” in its original state – a liquid one-component pastopodobnaya suspension of gray.

    To cover the tracks of polimermineralnoy “Keramoizol” can be applied all kinds of paints, plasters, etc.

    The suspension may initially be painted in any color on request.

    After polymerization, the composition polimermineralnaya “Keramoizol” forms a strong, fairly flexible film, whose thickness is chosen according to the requirements of the object.

    We hope for fruitful cooperation.