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    Transport and storage

    1. Keramoizol transported by all modes of transport in closed vehicles, according to the rules of carriage of goods, which are used to this type of transport. Packaging – Hermetic plastic pails 10, 20 and 50 liters. Transportation, storage and keramoizol carried out according to GOST 9980.5. DBN D.1-4.

    2. During transportation, loading, unloading arrangement had to be used measures that ensure the integrity of the packaging.

    3. Water-based composition in winter must be stored in the compressed state in a closed room at a designated distance of at least 1m from heat at temperatures from +5 °C to +40 °C.

    4. Do not store in the clear – in the open air composition cures within a maximum of 24 hours and lost the subsequent suitability for use. Also not permitted to store songs below 0 °C – freezing keramoizol completely loses its insulating properties.

    5. Guaranteed shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture.

    6. Category of premises to store songs – “B” – according to NAPB B.07.005-86.

    Security Requirements

    1. Samples of shielding, made PNVKP “Ir-core +” on track polimermineralnyh “Keramoizol” according to TU U V.2.7-24.6-32396113-001: 2006 fire-technical classification p.2 DBN B.1.1-7-2002 are flammability of B1 (inflammable) according to DSTU B B.1.1-2-97, a group of flame propagation RP1 (does not apply flame) under DSTU B V.2.7-70-98 flammability of G1 (low flammability), GOST B V.2.7 -19-95, smoke-forming ability of D2 (with moderate smoke-forming ability), GOST 12.1.044-89.

    2. During the application of the workers must be provided with protective clothing in accordance with GOST 27574, GOST 27 575, by rubber gloves as per GOST 20 010 masks of the particle types means FA and respiratory protection ShB-1 “Petal” according to GOST 12.4.028, goggles according to GOST 12.4.013, according to GOST 12.4.162 shoes. When working in confined spaces provide provitrivanie.

    3. After contact with skin keramoizol, it must be washed with soap and water, with eye contact – wash immediately with plenty of water. During storage keramoizol not emit into the environment of hazardous substances in quantities that exceed the maximum permissible concentration. The material does not form toxic compounds in air and water environment in the presence of other substances. When the handling, storage and application of toxic substances are absent.

    4. Keramoizol should be stored in designated areas in compliance with the “Fire Safety Rules”, which includes regulations on thermal insulation materials.